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Attar perfume which is the natural, undiluted form of a perfume created using a process of distillation. We at Deon Pro manufacture of Luxurious and Premium quality of Attar perfumes, with NO ALCOHOL based formulation. We used oils that are used to make this type of perfume typically come from flower petals, but the leaves of a flowering plant may also be used.

Attar perfumes and essential oils can each be made from a single scent with

blended other aromatic oils and synthetic aroma molecules, but attars are generally composed of a combination of flowers to create a unique and original fragrance. In general, these two types of fragrant oils are made through different distillation processes, although that is not always the case. Most often, though, essential oils are obtained through steam distillation while attars are procured through water distillation. Our Luxurious and Premium range of Attars perfume oils are the purest non-alcoholic fragrances which are enduring and soothing. These natural fragrances are very pleasant, easy to use and very stirring.